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Loan Procedures

The student must have a current university ID card in order to borrow books.  The card is not transferable.  Present the ID card with the books to the circulation librarian.  The loan period is for three weeks; five books plus one reserve book can be borrowed at one time.  Seminar students are allowed seven books at one time.  Reference books do not circulate.  Reserve books may be used in the library upon deposit of the university ID card and may be borrowed overnight after 2:30 PM until 9:00 AM the following day.  Reserve books are issued on a first come, first served basis.  A fine will be imposed on all those who keep books and materials past the date due.  Payment is made for lost books.  Suspension of library privileges will be imposed on those who do not follow these procedures.

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Quiet Study

A quiet study atmosphere must be maintained at all times.  There is no place in the library for group work or social conversation.  Study carrels are designed for individual study.  Students who want to do serious study must be allowed to concentrate.  Use of the library is reserved for individual, quiet study.  For group activity another location on campus must be selected.

Food, beverages, and smoking are prohibited.

The use of cell phones is prohibited.



An automatic security system has been installed at the entrance.  Students are required to leave their bags at the control desk upon entering the library.  It’s important not to leave money, IDs, or any other valuable items in the bags.  Carry any valuable items.  The library assumes no responsibility for missing articles and valuables.  All library books must be checked at the circulation desk before leaving.



Students are requested to cooperate in maintaining order in the books on the shelves.  Books are placed in order according to the call number, a combination of letters and numbers.  Take from the shelves only the books needed.  After use place them on the book trolleys.  In browsing the shelves place the book back in the exact place found.

These policies and procedures are established in order to provide for all the students a location on campus for serious study.  The respect and courtesy due to other students requires the cooperation of all.

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