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12 March 2012 Friends of Bethlehem University in the United Kingdom books donation
20 January 2012 The third international conference on Christian-Muslim Relations with the theme “Violence, Non-violence and Religion,” proceedings
22 June 2011 New book received from Muzain Burqan, BU’93
7 June 2011 New books received - June 2011
3 June 2011 Library Update 2010-11
2 June 2011 Presentation of Plaque of Appreciation during the Visit of Mr. Tom Kennedy - in  photos...
5-7 April 2011 Book Fair, Spring 2011
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سياسة الاعارة المتبادلة على صفحة المكتبة الالكترونية
28 March 2011 New book “Participation and Reconciliation: Preconditions of Justice”
22 March 2011 New book “Threads of Identity: Preserving Palestinian Costume and Heritage”
18 February 2011 Library holds its Student Workers'  Orientation Day
17 February 2011 Two new books authored by Dr. Mazin Qumsiyeh of the Science Faculty
16 December 2010 Springer holds workshop at B.U. Library

سبرنجر:  Springer : The Library has recently acquired Springer’s wide array of e-books in 13 subject collections covering the subject fields of the various teaching faculties and departments at BU; hundreds of e-journals are also among its features.

12 October 2010 A new two books entitled “Moving House” and “Waiting for Ecstasy”
6 October 2010 Mr. Tom Kennedy, Representative from the New Zealand Embassy in Ankara, Turkey visits Bethlehem University Library
6 October 2010 A new publication entitle "Water Wisdom: Preparing the Groundwork for cooperative and sustainable water management in the middle east"
21 September 2010 Orientation of Library Student-Assistants
6 September 2010 News: Beatification of Venerable John Henry Cardinal Newman
23 August 2010 A new book entitled “Rachel's Tomb, An Alien in Her Hometown?”
19 July 2010 A new book entitled “دور التلفزيون في تنمية قدرات التفكير الابداعي عند اطفال ما قبل المدرسة”
23 June 2010

e-turathuna - Know your Palestinian Heritage - Summer Camp June 2010

3 June 2010

Library Newsletter Update 2009-10

27 May 2010 A new book entitled “Titus: Honoring the Gospel of God”
7 April 2010 A new book on the occasion of the “YEAR FOR PRIESTS”…
29 March 2010 A new book about Bethlehem! "Bethlehem, History and Heritage" by Mr. Nasri Bishara Hazboun
1 February 2010 “GOD’S REIGN AND PEOPLE’S RULE”, edited by Rev. Mitri Raheb
15 January 2010 Le Nouveau Théo, L’Encyclopédie Catholique Pour Tous,
25 May 2009 Read the Library Update 2008 - 09
6 April 2009 Emerald Management Database (trial till end of April 2009 from eIFL) online access to journals and book series on management, business, computer science, library science, and engineering.
23 March 2009

منشورات جديدة، قام مؤلفين الكتب التالية بإهداءها للمكتبة وهم:  "المحاسبة الضريبية وتطبيقاتها في فلسطين" و  "يوم ولد قيس"



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