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Spring 2011 - Library Book Fair

Bethlehem University Library
holds its Spring 2011 Book Fair

April is the month when “book celebrations” take centre-stage in many parts of the world. While e-books seem to dominate the globalized digital market, in most university settings, books in print continue to prevail.

Thanks to the following book dealers who participated in the Spring 2011 Book Fair:
  • Abu Ghosh Agency
  • Kasha
  • Sharbain
  • Dandies
  • Dar Il Jameat
  • Dar Il Fiquer

They have generously contributed 10% of their sales to the Library scholarship fund of our working students! SHUKRAN! THANKS! 

BU Library invited six of its regular book dealers in both Arabic and English to hold a Book Fair from 5-7 April. The Fair  was opened by Brother Peter Bray, FSC, EdD, Vice Chancellor who spoke on the importance of books and reading.

The student musical group “Wajd”, coordinated by Ms. May Jaber, Assistant Dean of Students, enlivened the opening.

The art projects exhibition organized by Ms. Samar Ghattas added a unique and creative touch to the entire event. A special participation by Tamer Institute lent some folkloric colour to the event.

At 1:00 PM, Brother Robert Smith, FSC, PhD, announced the winners of the Creative Writing Contest launched by the Library in coordination with Ms. Hanadi Younan of the Department of English who has co-opted her senior students. Nadine Qaimari and Dana Hashweh won first and second places, respectively.



Brother Peter gives his opening remarks and cuts the ribbon (right)


The students’ musical group “Wajd”


In the audience, Dir. Shakarneh. (right)


Book Fair—Creative Writing Contest— poster caption


We took a look
               In every book
               In every nook
               All our feelings shook
               Our minds were hooked

I’m not your pillow I’m your book;
so, please ,finish reading me you lazy dog!



DANA HASHWEH - Second Place

Creative Writing Contest, 5 April 2011



(Left) Brother Robert Smith with Nadine Qaimari (first place winner) and her English teacher, Hanadi Soudah (right)


Dana Hashweh (center) poses with Brother Robert and Hanadi. Far left is David Nour (BU ‘95), one of the judges of the Creative Writing Contest.

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