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Library Skills Course


Title of course:

Library Skills (LIBR 101)

Academic status: 

University requirement


Pass/Fail (a failure repeats the course)


Seven sessions of 50 minutes per session


All first year students


Two halves of the fall  term and first half of the spring term


Mr. Anan Hamad

Instructional material:

Library Skills Series Pamphlets, handouts, other

Language of instruction:

English and Arabic


A 7 item bibliography – 60%


Assignment– 40%


Unit I: Research strategy and print sources of information


- Week 1 - book


- Week 2 -  reference books


- Week 3 – periodicals

Unit II: Audiovisual sources


- Week 4 – video, CD-ROM, audio

Unit III: Electronic media


- Week 5 – online catalog


- Week 6 – electronic journals


- Week 7 – internet


The University Catalog lists thirteen characteristics that the curriculum is designed to embody in order to foster in the baccalaureate graduates of the University.  The fourth characteristic states that the graduate of Bethlehem University "will be an independent learner, capable of using effectively traditional and modern sources of information."  The proposed Library Skills course is designed to nurture such a characteristic in the University graduates.

Course Description

This course introduces the student to the three major media of information: print, audiovisual and electronic.  It also aims at familiarizing the student with the research strategy approach including selection of a topic, using information sources and preparing a bibliography.

Unit I:  Research strategy and print sources of information (three sessions)


  1. The student will learn how to go about a research strategy including the selection of a topic and narrowing it down.
  2. The student will learn how to access and use the various print sources of information available in the library, and the way they are classified and arranged.
  3. The student will learn how to build up a bibliography as she/he goes along the research strategy, and to prepare a bibliography in proper form.

Outline of sessions

Week 1:

- Select a topic of interest for research
- Find sources using the card catalog
- Explain Library of Congress classification system
- Explain parts of a book


- Pamphlet 1: How to use the card catalog
- Pamphlet 2: How to use a book



Week 2: - Narrow down the research topic, using a tree graph
- Explain about general reference works to help draw the tree graph
- Explain about specialized reference works to obtain more specific information on the
  topic of research
- Start compiling a bibliography consisting of:
     one general reference
     one specialized reference
     one book


- Pamphlet 3: How to use reference works
- Pamphlet 8: How to prepare a bibliography



Week 3: - Explain about periodicals and the cardex
- Explain about Periodical Indexes
- General: Readers' Guide
- Specialized
- Explain briefly how to prepare a bibliography in correct form
- Add a fourth item to the bibliography consisting of one periodical article


- Pamphlet 4: How to use the cardex and the Readers' Guide
- Pamphlet 8: How to prepare a bibliography

Unit I was prepared by Miss Elsa Hazboun

Unit II: Audiovisual Sources of Information (one session)


  1. The student will be familiarized with the basic arrangement and services of the Audiovisual Center.
  2. The student will be introduced to the major audio and visual materials and equipment.

Outline of session

Week 4: - The Audiovisual Center and its services
- List of AV materials
- Classification system
- Media Editing
- AV equipment
- Add a fifth item to the bibliography consisting of one AV source of information


- Pamphlet 6: How to use the Audiovisual Center
- Pamphlet 8: How to prepare a bibliography

Unit II was prepared by Mr. Francis Sleibi

Unit III: Electronic media (three sessions)


  1. The student will learn how to use the online catalog to access books in the library collection.
  2. The student will learn how to access articles from periodical databases through online searching and Internet sites.
  3. The student will learn searching techniques using Internet services.

Outlines of sessions:

Week 5 - Explain the structure and use of the online catalog
- Find sources searching by title, author, and subject, English and Arabic
- Introduction of B. U. intranet site (
- Searching the library catalog for English books, videocassette titles, CD- ROM
  and disk titles
Week 6 - Searching online periodical databases on
- Searching the Internet for electronic journal sources
Week 7 - Using the Internet for other sources of information
- Add a sixth and seventh item to the bibliography consisting of one
  electronic journal source and one Internet site

Unit III was prepared by Br. Dominic Smith

The bibliography project should be submitted in its final and complete form including the 7 items to the teacher of the section after Unit III is over.  The teachers evaluate and grade the project.

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