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Policy on Acceptance of Donations

Building and developing the library collection is a primary task of the university librarians.

The library is interested in adding materials to the collection enhancing its overall quality and providing good resources that support the curriculum.  One of the means by which the library collection can be increased is through accepting book gifts or other hard-print donations based on the following criteria:

  1. The content of the material is current.
  2. The material treats of topics related to the academic program of the university.
  3. The material is appropriate for the reading and interest level of the students.
  4. The material is in good condition.  Old, worn out, damaged material, especially of books with torn pages, underlined and highlighted passages, and missing pages are not accepted.
  5. Duplicate copies are not added to the collection unless there is a need.
  6. Only complete sets of periodicals and journals fulfilling the same criteria stated above will be accepted.
  7. A list will be provided by the donor with author, title, publisher, publishing date, number of pages, and any other significant features.  The library staff will decide which books to accept as gifts.
  8. Arrangements for shipping will be made by the donor.  The university library cannot accept responsibility for payment of shipping the donated books.


For further information, please contact:
Mrs. Vera Koussa


Updated January 2011

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