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I. Why an Interlibrary Loan: Definition and Rationale

            A. Definition:

            An Interlibrary loan between Bethlehem University Library and Bethlehem Bible College Library is a deliberate and concerted effort to share resources by making library materials available to all of the members, both faculty and students, of these two Libraries

and other possible eligible members (in the case of BU Library graduates, who are off-campus members/users and for Bethlehem Bible College Library, being also a public library, their outside users will avail of the same privilege).

            B. Rationale:

            Considering our respective curricular offerings and our close geographical proximity, the librarians of both libraries share the perspective that our resources can be put to maximum use not

only by our own clientele but also by accommodating other users/borrowers, especially of our respective Libraries (as mentioned above).

II. Coverage of ILL Scheme

            Bethlehem University Library and Bethlehem Bible College Library will make available resources that are in their general collection when their respective clientele request them. However, (except for the circulating books at the Turathuna Centre), the borrowing of rare, unique or expensive materials as well as reference books, dissertations, theses, books on reserve, and audiovisual materials, that would be difficult or impossible to purchase or replace, may not be permitted. Issues or volumes of journals and old newspapers are not usually for circulation. The decision to make available any library resource remains exclusively with each of the Libraries.

III. Procedures to observe in ILL

            In normal circumstances, the Library that needs materials from another Library initiates the request either through a phone call or by email. Complete bibliographical information is provided so that search for the material can be carried out effectively and efficiently.

            Once the book is retrieved from the shelf, it is set aside on a reserved section at the Circulation desk until it is picked up by the interested Library.

            An online ILL request form can be filled in with the necessary information and sent by email to the respective library.

IV. Loan Policies and Restrictions

            Bethlehem University Library stipulates its policies and restrictions on its own homepage:

            As indicated, these policies and procedures govern the following: faculty/staff, students, graduates, and off-campus users. Unless the book/other library resources is/are in demand or placed on reserve, the borrowing Library may be able to loan the needed books and/or other library resources.

            If the books/materials are needed by the lending library members, the borrowing library is given three days to return the books/materials on loan.

            Penalties/fines for overdue, damaged and lost books will be charged to the borrowing library. These are non-refundable. Specifications of fees and charges remain within the discretion of each of the Libraries concerned.

            Books are taken and returned by the respective borrowing library staff.

V. Libsys Records at Bethlehem University Library

            Bethlehem University Library utilizes Libsys an automated system which is a package of circulation, cataloguing, and management tools. The Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC) allows access to our resources on and off-campus. This access, in more ways than one, is a decided advantage for the Bethlehem Bible College Library users.

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