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The IMF eLibrary provides publications in PDF format. It covers independent analysis on the financial crisis, development, macroeconomics, poverty reduction, trade, globalization, and much more.


World Economic Outlook: April 2012
The April 2012 issue of the World Economic Outlook assesses the prospects for the global economy, which has gradually strengthened after a major setback during 2011. The threat of a sharp global slowdown eased with improved activity in the United States and better policies in the euro area. Weak recovery will likely resume in the major advanced economies, and activity will remain relatively solid in most emerging and developing economies.

Global Financial Stability Report: April 2012
The April 2012 Global Financial Stability Report assesses changes in risks to financial stability over the past six months, focusing on sovereign vulnerabilities, risks stemming from private sector deleveraging, and assessing the continued resilience of emerging markets. The report probes the implications of recent reforms in the financial system for market perception of safe assets, and investigates the growing public and private costs of increased longevity risk from aging populations.

Fiscal Monitor: April 2012
Overall, fiscal risks remain elevated. A number of conclusions emerge in regard to countries' ongoing vulnerability to unexpected shocks, the potential for substantial negative impacts of fiscal adjustment on activity, possible overstatements of short-term pressures on the public finances in some countries as general government gross debt ratios have risen, the implications of countries having flexibility in the short term but not the longer term, and the monitoring and enforcement challenges raised by second-generation fiscal rules.

Watch the IMF Seminars
You are also invited to view webcasts of the high-level seminars during the Spring Meetings on topical issues ranging from the global economy to the political economy of subsidy reform. The seminars bring together financial leaders, policymakers, and top thinkers to discuss the economic and development challenges facing the world—and to offer solutions for achieving inclusive and sustainable growth, tackling public debt, and reducing unemployment.

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