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Turathuna Summer Camp
5-15 June 2012

This school year 2011-2012 saw another set of activities  for the Turathuna Centre moving forward with forging more value education for everything Palestinian.

A two-week culinary arts session aimed at teaching the preparation of Palestinian and European food to young adults aged 13-16 years old, who in turn learned the discipline of working together and the art of sharing meals together.

Besides the cooking lessons there was a hiking fieldtrip to Battir, a village rich in Palestinian heritage with lovely country-side views. In Battir, the group was offered lunch and received an explanation about the village and its agriculture and watched a film about the village.

Below are an array of photos featuring the cooking lessons as well as the trip to Battir.


How to Prepare Palestinian
and European Dishes
with Chef Peter Hermantas of the
Institute of Hotel Management

Learning to cook helps teenagers to learn about nutrition and acquire healthy eating habits. In a world of fast or junk food, teenagers would easily be prone to consume this type of food.  The camp aims to provide guidelines for a happy and healthy living! And it teaches the value of traditional ways of preparing food.

The trip to Battir was in cooperation with the Center for Cultural Heritage Reservation, PMSP, Battir Environmental Museum funded by the Italian Cooperation.

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Photos taken by Library Staff

  • Jenny Baboun
  • Juana Juha
  • Mary van Teeffelen


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